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TITLE: Building First-Time Readers, 30 Minutes a Day with Start-to-Finish CORE Curriculum

"New standards bring new expectations. Yet, many of our students with complex needs never move beyond reading with symbols. Reading literature with understanding should be a central goal of every reading program. Students with complex needs included.

This was the goal designing Start-to-Finish CORE Curriculum—to give our students access to real literature and many of the same book titles their peers are reading in general ed. The curriculum structures instruction so students with complex needs learn to construct understanding while reading. Students are now able to hold and read chapter books for the first time, including classics like Huckleberry Finn, Frankenstein, and Anne Frank—just like their peers.

Join me in this webinar. I will share the research behind the curriculum and how to use it effectively to meet the new standards, and more importantly to unlock the potential hidden in our students."

Dr. Karen EricksonDr. Karen Erickson
Center for Literacy and Disability Studies
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

About the Presenter: Dr. Karen Erickson is the Director of the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies. Her research addresses literacy assessment and instruction for struggling readers of all ages including those with significant disabilities. In addition, Dr. Erickson is a special education advisory group member for the Dynamic Learning Maps alternate assessment consortium.

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