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Title: Building an Effective Writing Program for Your Emergent and Non-Writers with First Author Writing Software

No Child Left Behind didn’t even mention writing, but with new rigorous state standards, writing is back in focus—even for your students with complex instructional needs who will take the alternate assessment.

But how do you move these students move from a focus on letter forming to really writing? Join Dr. Janet Sturm as she outlines the critical elements of a highly effective writing program designed for students with complex needs—including writing structure, accommodation, and measurement. She will share how each of these elements are embedded in First Author software.

  • Writing Structure: Emergent (and non) writers need guidance to independently plan, compose, revise and then “publish” their writings.
  • Accommodation: The writing of typically-developing students start with scribbling and drawing. It’s crucial that students with physical and cognitive disabilities have the accommodations they need to progress through each developmental stage.
  • Measurement: Students with complex needs often make small gains, and it’s crucial to measure and celebrate the smallest movements. First Author Writing Measures help educators identify and track the smallest progressions from scribbling to conventional paragraph writing.

Dr. Sturm will share stories of how these elements have worked together to help real students--just like yours--write in several schools that she has worked with to implement First Author Writing Software.

Dr. Janet Sturm
Janet Sturm, Ph. D, CCC-SLP from Central Michigan University has spent over 15 years improving writing instruction for students with developmental disabilities.

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