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TITLE: Introducing Snap&Read Universal—Make Any Text Understandable

Simply hearing text read aloud is enough support for some students to comprehend grade level text. Other students need simpler text. We believe that a reading accommodation should help both types of students and everyone in between. We designed Snap&Read Universal to do just that—it reads text aloud and gives controls to adjust the level of the text!

In this 30-minute webinar, we will dive into the inner workings of the new Snap&Read Universal—how it reads both accessible and inaccessible text and lets students control the complexity of any text they face. We’ll show you how it works on Chrome as well as desktop.

This is truly personalized learning.

Any text.

Read aloud and leveled!

Ruth ZiolkowskiPresenter: Ruth Ziolkowski is President of Don Johnston Incorporated and the ATIA Board Member liaison between the assessment consortia and assistive technology field.

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