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Title: Building an Effective Writing Program for Your Emergent and Non-Writers with First Author

There’s a strong focus on writing in the new education standards, and most special education leaders are concerned that writing instruction in their life skills and autism classrooms aren’t preparing students for the new writing requirements. Current writing instruction looks more like handwriting instruction and filling out worksheets.

Granted, it’s difficult to know how to teach writing to students with developmental disabilities. Some students have been stuck at the scribbling stage for years. Other students have complex physical and communication challenges and it’s difficult to see their potential without finding the right supports.

Researcher Dr. Janet Sturm designed a comprehensive curriculum that gives educators the right tools to teach students with complex instructional needs how to write and then measure their writing progress.

It’s called First Author Writing Curriculum, and it’s the ONLY writing curriculum of its kind. It will help you meet your new curriculum writing requirements and prepare students for the alternate assessment. Perhaps most importantly, with First Author, your teachers will become joyful and fearless as they view each student as an author who has the potential to share and communicate with others!

Dr. Sturm will share stories of how these elements have worked together to help real students--just like yours--write in several schools that she has worked with to implement First Author Writing Software.

Dr. Janet SturmPresenter: Janet Sturm, Ph. D, CCC-SLP from Central Michigan University has spent over 15 years improving writing instruction for students with developmental disabilities.

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