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Universal Accommodations—From Vision to Reality

Darren Avey had a vision for assistive technology in his district. He wanted to give his students UNIVERSAL access to reading and writing accommodations so they could succeed in their inclusion classrooms and on the assessments. His accommodations needed to work across multiple platforms in schools and homes including Google Chrome, Windows, and Mac.

Darren made his vision a reality across his 32 school campuses, and in this webinar he will share how he got there. You learn the steps he took to bring Co:Writer and Snap&Read Universal to his district from vision, rollout, training, to watching his students tackle grade level materials with their new accommodations!

About the Presenter: Over the past 20 years, Darren Avey has worked in the Texas area schools and education service centers in a variety of roles, including resource content mastery teacher, technology manager, and since 2005, has taken over all special education technology for the 32 schools in Tyler, Texas.

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