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Thinking Ahead to Testing—What If We Get Our Accommodations Wrong?

With all of the changes to assessments and expectations over the past couple of years, it is never too early to start thinking ahead to make sure your students are prepared. Think about the potential impact to your students if they are using the wrong accommodations. What happens if their accommodations aren’t determined early enough?

From PARCC to Smarter Balanced to STAAR and more, each state has their own rules and regulations regarding allowable accommodations. BUT … No matter what state you are in, certain rules and conditions must be covered to make sure your students are set up for success. Ruth Ziolkowski joins us to discuss what you need to consider as you begin this school year, including a data-driven approach to address accommodations.

In this 30-minute webinar, Ruth will introduce you to uPAR and share how personalized accommodations like Snap&Read Universal give your students fluid access to the curriculum across devices.

About the Presenter:
 Ruth Ziolkowski is the President of Don Johnston and a member of several education boards such as Accessible Educational Materials, ATIA, and Bookshare. In addition, Ruth has acted as liaison between the assessment consortia and AT field

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